Barapolle River


Barapolle rises from the Brahmagiri range in south Coorg, flow eastwards for a while before turning westwards and entering the Arabian sea in north Kerala. It is one of the challenging rivers in the south especially in high volumes.

Getting there:

The river is close to the town of Kutta in south coorg.
  • Bangalore-Mysore-Hunsur-Nagarhole-Kutta.

Stretch 1:

This stretch is commercially rafted. One of the companies (run by Mr Prakash & Mr Alok) has been very helpful to kayakers in the past, do contact them if you are planning to paddle there.

There are 5 major rapids in this stretch.

Put in:

Ponya estate.

Take out:

Just before Glenlorna estate. It is on the right side of the pool formed after the Big Band rapid.

Distance on river:

Approximately 4 kms.


Class 3-4 - at high volume ( monsoon )
1) Morning Coffee - class II
2) Grasshopper - class II
3) Wicked Witch - class III
4) Ramba Samba - class II
5) Big Bang - class IV ?

Permissions required?:

Not required for Kayaking. However, the take out for this section is a private estate. The gate for this road is locked. You will need to arrange for this gate to be open before hand.

Elevation Profile:


Stretch 2:

The stretch beyond Big Bang till an unused bridge (yes, it is strange that a perfectly fine bridge exists with no roads on both sides :) in the river, just after its confluence with Kutiyal polle (called thus since the place is called Kutiyal).
The river is flat for a long time after Big Bang. At a sharp bend, the river turns right and roars down a class V rapid, with a 40+ feet drop in as many feet. After that, there are several class 2/3/4? rapids
in quick succession.

Put in:

After the Big Bang rapid.

Take out:

This is hard to pin down. It is about 100 meters before the confluence of Kutiyal polle on the river left. A clearing with a jeep/walking track can be seen ( not very evident though ). Follow the track, it will lead you through a coffee plantation on to a jeep track. Only 4x4 jeeps can navigate this road.

Distance on river:

About 8 kms


First rapid is a long Class IV+(V) slide followed by a series of rapids between Class III and II, with maybe another Class III+(IV) rapid

Permissions required?:


Places to stay:

There are quite a number of home-stay's around. Most of these require prior bookings.



The Big Bang on low water

First rapid of 2nd stretch, low water, probably never attempted with a kayak yet


Monsoons, June to September - High Volume
October - Low Volume - Extremely creekish