Kaveri River


Stretch 1 : Biligundla to Hogenakkal

Getting there:

Bangalore-Hosur-Denkanikottai-Anchetti-Hogenakkal is the shortest route.
Alternate routes exist on the main highway via Krishnagiri.

Put in:

The river runs close to road from Hogenakkal to Biligundla. At Biligundla, follow a mud road that goes to Biligundla village, which is a short walk from the river

Take out:

There are multiple places to take out before Hogenakkal. It is advisable to take out well before Hogenakkal town to avoid the attention of the tourists/authorities/boatmen there.

Distance on river:

About 5 kms


Class 2

Permissions required?:


This is an easy, fun stretch on a river that is fairly close to Bangalore, is mostly devoid of crocodiles, and runs for a large part of the year. The river is quite wide in places, and runs in many channels.
While we have explored it in late November, and mid February, it appears that there should be water to run the river except in the dry months.

There are 2-3 class 1/2 rapids in this stretch, with multiple holes to play in.


a small crocodile has been spotted by us on the river in February 2012, confirming some rumors spread by the locals.

Stretch 2:

Put in:

Take out:

Distance on river:

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Places to stay: Tamil Nadu Hotel, Hogenakkal



Last rapid before Hogenakkal, February 2012

Seasons: from mid June to September High flow, October to December medium flow, probably runnable also in April, May